Go Big or Go Home. Seeing Place Theater

First off I want to say that this is NOT a review of a play, but a review of a company that pushes boundaries in truly profound ways. The Seeing Place Theater, an actor driven ensemble, always inspires me with their unwavering commitment to producing bold and courageous works . It is hard for any company to take the risks that they do, but the danger of doing it off-off broadway with no plan B is immense


Yet, they forge ahead, throwing caution to the wind, and continue to offer their patrons something fresh. Currently, The Seeing Place is producing Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in rep for a total of 32 performances. And here’s the rub, the same cast is doing both shows. This is incredible and for only $12 a ticket some may call it crazy. Still, they are determined to offer quality theater at affordable prices.  They 100% succeed in doing this. With high production costs, they continue to stand resolute in their promise.


My point is even if these productions were horrible (and in NO way are they), just the fact that the company is willing to go out on a limb and do something so innovative, makes it worthwhile to check out. In a day where many companies “play it safe”, The Seeing Place walks a dangerous line. Yet, their efforts should be applauded and we should attend to show our support of something so daring and exciting.


I have seen both shows and they do not disappoint. I’ve never seen anything like either show before. So the question is; do we want the usual type of theater (and there’s nothing wrong with it) or do we want to be involved and support companies like this who dare to dream? Yes Hamlet it really does all boil down to “To Be (safe, boring, ordinary, complacent, etc.) or Not to Be?”



Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead play through June 30th 2013 at the American Theater of Actors Sargent Theater, 4th floor. 314 West 54th St, NY NY www,seeingplacetheater.com

One thought on “Go Big or Go Home. Seeing Place Theater

  1. I am writing on behalf of the Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective. I would like to send you our press release from ‘The Misanthrope’ so you will have the opportunity to write about/review the show. Please let me know how to send that to you.

    Thank you,

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