Clover Has a Fourth Leaf!

Have you ever woken up from a dream unsure what it meant, but the moments in it seem so real? Well, that’s a lot like the experience of seeing Clover, an experimental work by Erik Ehn. Presented as part of the Planet’ Connections Festival, this play will leave you feeling surreal to say the least.

It is hard to write a proper description of Ehn’s work because it is so fragmented. Filled with several vignettes, Clover works best when you just except what’s happening on stage as is and you don’t try to interpret it or link it together.Although an argument can be made that this is one man’s dream, this piece goes to too many extremes to buy into this theory whole-heartedly. Taken piece by piece, this is a moving work of theater, which deals with literally every topic under the sun. I was compelled, touched, and moved several times throughout the performance. It seems as if there are several narrators taking turns leading us down the proverbial “yellow brick road”
Director Glory Kadigan, takes us on this wild journey by creating stunning imagery and honest moments of human connection. Harold Surrat gives us a great moment of comedy when he turns to us and implores “why am i in this play…i dont have many lines?” It is moments like these,where the unexpected happens, when the play really grabs you.  James B. Kennedy offers up fine work as the Old Cronin. As I mentioned above, this could very well be his play and these are his dreams, but only the playwright knows that answer. Kennedy is outstanding and makes a strong case for it to be his play. But is is the 20 person ensemble that makes this show work. Every character left an indelible imprint on me.
Though it’s late in the run, go see this show if you can. Its worth the price of admission. Id love to hear what you got out of this non-linear piece of theater
Clover plays now through Dec. 16th at La Mama 74 E 4th St

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