Huffs and PUFFS But Doesn’t Blow the House Down

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Reviewed by Nicholas Linnehan

Have you ever heard a joke that everyone else is laughing at, but you just don ‘t feel in on it? This is how I felt at New World Stages production of Puffs. An alternate view on Harry Potter. I had seen all the movies, but still lost a lot of the humor as the references were very specific most of the time. I wish the show used broader jokes and more universality to make it appealing to a larger audience.
Puffs is told from the point of view of the HufflePuff clan that exists in Harry Potter’s School of magic. They are viewed as the worst group to belong to out of the four teams that exist in the institute. Enter, new HufflePuff, Wayne wearing a T-shirt and Jeans. He is the least assuming wizard in the school, but desperately wants the accolades that Harry…

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