Grabbing P***y Gives us a Lot to Think About

Reviewed by Gregor Collins

Longtime Performance Artist Karen Finley’s current visits to the Laurie Beechman Theatre for staged readings based on her new book GRABBING PUSSY are not for the faint of heart—so that should have you seeing it. What to expect? I’ll let Finley tell you: “Breathless cascades of poetry and prose that lay bare the psycho-sexual obsessions that have burst to the surface of today’s American politics.”

If this sounds a little esoteric, I’ll simplify it for you: She makes art out of news. And the art she makes is hard to ignore. In the tradition of Allen Ginsberg’s 1954 poem Howl, Finley’s rapid-fire meditations cover a milieu of up-to-the-minute affairs including Spade and Bourdain’s suicide, the separation of families at the border, and the #MeToo movement.

Since I assume you read these reviews to get an honest, unpretentious critique from a regular person, I’ll describe my experience like this: If you were to have been my guest last Sunday when I attended the performance, and in the first two minutes you wanted to see how I was feeling about it, you would have gotten a very decided eye-roll. But if you had checked in with me around minute ten, I would have been too unwittingly seduced by her lilting musings to have given you a response. That sentiment carried through to the end.

Grabbing Pussy runs every Sunday at 7pm from July 15 – 29, 2018 at The Laurie Beechman Theater (inside West Bank Cafe at 407 West 42nd Street), General admission is $22, or $35 which includes a signed book. To purchase tickets, call 212-352-3101 or visit

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