Lady Bunny Easter Eggs are Limited

Lady Bunny


Reviewed by Nicholas Linnehan

So I caught myself thinking, what would be a good way to kick-off Theater That Matters 2.0 (Post-pandemic)? Why, of course, a DRAG show sounds like a great idea. So I excitedly signed up to  review “Lady Bunnies Easter Egg Show”. Having previously seen Ben De La Creme and Jinx Monsoon, I was always pleasantly surprised by their unexpected talents and spontaneous moments on stage. I felt pretty confident that Lady Bunny would “wow”me and deliver something extraordinary. Sadly, she did not. There was nothing “wrong” with her performance, it was just like beating a dead horse with the constant repetition of similar jokes!

After her opening parodies, roasting other drag queens and making several genitalia jokes, I was thinking there had to be more than this to look forward to. As I previously stated, there was not and I found myself checking the time all too often. Jinx Monsoon and Ben De le Creme had the camp, the roasts, but they went beyond revealing talents that we were not expecting, keeping us thoroughly interested and entertained. At one point, half-joking, half-not Bunny remarked  “Hey, I’m 60 and a drag queen, why don’t I get my own show?” The answer is versatility.

Ru Paul has been able to make drag universal (heck, she even featured a straight man as a contestant on the last season) Through her multi-talents, she has made drag something that everyone can appreciate and feel invited to become part of. We all want to feel”in on the joke” Lady Bunnies jokes required you to be part the gay community already to appreciate the joke.  For example, my friend,who is not part of the community, left not knowing what 75 percent of the jokes were referring to. If we claim that, as a community, we are all encompassing, we need to infuse that in all we do.

Lady Bunnies Easter Eggs played at the Laurie Beechman Theater, 409 W 42nd St., NY NY