Over the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with all aspects of theater, and I’ve been grateful to be in a position to review it. I’ve known and interacted with a lot of reviewers who love how articulate and profound they can sound. Many are driven by ego or self-aggrandizement. Not TTM. We not only aim to offer insight into shows that resonate with us, but we want reviews to help and inspire audiences to think about theater in a deeper or different way. We strive to open their eyes to work that is meaningful and that boldly confronts the important and divisive issues we face in today’s world. And above all we keep it honest. Welcome to Theater That Matters.

-Founder Nick Linnehan

One thought on “About

  1. At the Nicolas Linnehan,
    Your review on Holy Ghosts was great but you got an actor’s babe and character confused. The actor who played Carl Specter is Matthew Napoli and Carl Specter is the character who talks about his dog. Would you be able to make that correction so I can use it on my website?

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