Ben Dela Creme has Class, Sass and Talent to Spare!

Reviewed by Nicholas Linnehan


When one thinks of drag shows, images of bawdy humor, vulgarity, and lip-syncing come to mind. What you don’t think of is a fierce, multi-talented performer giving you a moving theatrical performance. Ben Dela Creme’s Inferno A Go-Go is much more the latter than the first. Don’t get me wrong this wonder woman gives you plenty of typical irreverent comedy and she could stop there and we would be satisfied, but she goes much further displaying the depth of her range and talent.

Set in Dante’s version of the nine layers of hell, Ben Dela Creme takes us on a front seat tour of the underworld. Most layers are talked about in a light-hearted manner, but if you listen closely to this performer, she’s trying to tell us something. When she enters into one particular level, there is no escaping some introspection and feelings. But like any top-notch performer, she knows just how long to let us ruminate without allowing it turning into agony. She pulls us out of the depths of our despair and we are once again having a great time.

When I go to any show, I am generally looking for three things: clarity, talent, and conviction. Ms. Dela Creme has these in spades. She sings, not lip-syncs, dances, plays multiple roles (some through projections), and then tops it all with outstanding ventriloquism.  We are stunned by her never ending skill set that is so well put together that we aren’t aware of it until we have time to process it when the show is over.

The show’s conception and delivery, not only show off her skills (and fabulous legs!) but it shows us how intelligent this performer is. I was outstanded by the deep cleverness of this piece. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, most of the time, and the audience has a great experience. Go see this show and support this world-class performer, you won’t be sorry you did. Ben Dela Creme makes a big impression. She has class, sass, and talent!

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